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Prunes in Cherry Vodka & Dark Chocolate Ganache

Direcly from Pionka’s Chocolate Polish Chocolatier Mariusz Pionka started his career in Bristol when he decided he wanted to make chocolate from scratch.  The very first chocolates didn’t work out, but he didn’t let that stop him!  That’s when he fell in love with chocolate. He started researching and realised he needed to find work experience that would train him and show him the magic ways of Chocolate.  He found a job in a small chocolate factory in Spain.  After 2 years he came back to Bristol and started trading his own chocolates in and around Bristol Markets. Mariusz opened … Read more   

2018 Irena Sendler talk by Anthony Lishak

Some serious questions: What does the human race learn from the terrible wartime inhumanity inflicted by one group upon another? From the continuation of warmongering around the world, it would seem as a species – if those in power can be said to represent the human species- nothing has been learnt as people continue to be tortured and killed, frequently in the name of group or national good.  So how can something positive come out of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’?  And, importantly, how can future generations learn to contribute to a better, kinder, more truly democratic world? The dynamic and … Read more   

2018 Visit to the University of Bristol Botanic Garden

What a delightful jewel of a place this Botanic Garden is! And what a fascinating tour our group was taken on by our hugely informative guide, Charmaine Hawkins, who ignited our interest and imaginations as we walked around this amazing collection of plants and flowers from many of the world’s habitats. She added a fascinating depth of detail which enriched our visit on this dazzlingly sunny day and helped to make it an unforgettable experience. Amongst the many groupings of plants from different areas and eras of plant evolution, – the Botanic Garden cultivates around 4,500 different plants from around … Read more   

2017 Our President’s Address to The Anglo Polish Society

My Polish adventure started in the late 1950s when I moved with my family to Warsaw. I was very young and it was only in later years that I began to appreciate the richness of the experience and to come to understand that Poland is an exceptional and truly exemplary nation. When I moved to Warsaw the city was still recovering from the trauma of the Second World War during which 90 per cent of the city had been destroyed or very seriously damaged, with around 200,000 Poles killed by the Nazis during the 64 days of the Uprising that … Read more   

2016 Visit to Knowle Townswomen’s Guild

In 1928 the Equal Franchise Act was passed and, for the first time, all women (and men) over the age of 21 were eligible to vote. One year later the Townswomen’s Guild was formed with the aim of educating women about good citizenship – and to have fun! Last year Knowle Guild celebrated its 80th birthday and we are still being educated and informed – and still having fun! When planning our monthly meetings we look for speakers who will help us to fulfil these objectives. The Polish population in Knowle has increased significantly in recent years. Some of our … Read more