Mo’s Beef Casserole

Being a butcher’s daughter, it has been difficult to choose my favourite main course meal.  I suppose it could be sirloin steak, however, I am going for something with a lot of flavour, relatively economic in terms of ingredients, easy to prepare and pop into the oven whilst getting on with other jobs.  Have you guessed?  It’s casserole with braising steak and vegetables.

Here’s my recipe, and there is no set quantity of any ingredient so you can choose what amount you prefer according to taste.

Braising steak (or stewing steak)
Gravy or sauce


Chop vegetables as required, cut beef into cubes. Place all prepared ingredients in casserole and pour over water to cover ingredients.  Put in pre-heated oven, 180 degrees Electric or equivalent for gas ovens.  Allow cooking time of approximately 3 hours, reducing heat for the last hour.  Finally, thicken with Beef Bisto, or other preferred sauce mix.

Alternatively, during preparation, mix one or two packets of bought beef casserole sauces with water as directed on packet and pour over ingredients.  Put in pre-heated oven as above.

When I was quite young, I used to listen to my Father talking to customers and recommending ‘joint of the week’ or telling newly-married or young mothers how to prepare meals without breaking the bank, and there aren’t too many independent butchers today who offer this kind of advice.  Additionally, my Father used to be interviewed on radio every Friday by Daphne Hubbard of the Evening Post to recommend ‘joint of the week’.  Always proved very popular with listeners and he undertook this light-hearted broadcast on behalf of the Bristol Master Butchers’ Association.  Here he is during one of the few years he was President.


Mo Bell

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