Irena Kossakowski discusses “A Homeland Denied” – Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Irena Kossakowski will be coming up from Devon to talk to us about her new book.  “A Homeland Denied” tells how 19-year-old Waclaw Kossakowski was torn out of his comfortable life as a maths student at the University of Warsaw, Poland, to be plunged into the darkest theatres of war.  Kossakowski experienced life, first as a prisoner at the notorious Kozielsk prison, then at a forced labour camp in the Siberian Arctic Circle. He later served as a soldier on the battlefield of Monte Cassino, Italy, until finding sanctuary in Britain at the end of the war.

Polish Ambassador Rzegocki was impressed when he heard the talk at the Kressy Siberia lunch in London last week, so this is worth a special effort.

This event, like most of our meetings takes place in “The Apostle Room” under Clifton Cathedral.  Almost uniquely for the area there is free parking right outside the door, which makes it ideal for our members who live near, but not in, Bristol.  Follow this link for details about and directions to the location.

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