The Rush Sunday Service 2013

APS Members at the Rush Sunday Service

It was like a day of my dreams!  I saw all these people including the Lord Mayor of Bristol, all the Councillors.  I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say or think it was just wonderful!

It was really nice meeting all these people which I never saw before, I will never forget that when I walked past the Lord Mayor (who was standing next to the door) he said “dzień dobry” to me.  I was never that happy before!  It was just an honor for me to meet him. Although it wasn`t my first time.

Julia with the City Swordbearer carrying the Lent Sword





Never the less, I had a picture with a lady who was holding a big sword, it looked very heavy and in fact it was very heavy.

At the end everyone that took part in the mass could have a drink, (apple & orange juice or some kind of wine) a biscuit or a piece of cake.  I wanted to thank people for who I was there, and I could take part in the celebration.

Julia Wesołowska

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